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Your first asthma inhaler

Asthma inhaler

Asthma is a very dangerous and insidious disease. It should be carefully treated; otherwise the disease may end by fatal attack. Bronchial asthma can be inherited from a close relative who suffered from asthma but it may also occur without any weighty reason, from scratch. Among the disease-producing factors there are: rugged ecological state of big cities, humid cold climate, allergens, smoking (including passive one) and frequent colds. For treating asthma, customers and healthcare providers are offered wide variety of devices and drugs for different purposes of treatment. In this assortment we can differentiate liquid and spray forms, tablets and solutions for injection and others. Among devices that help to deliver drugs straight into the lungs they differentiate inhalers, nebulizers, nebules, nebuhalers and so on. Nebulizers, or nebulizing machines, are special device that is usually used at home. It can be portable, but it is not so easy and fast in using, how an inhaler is. The first device for treating asthma defines the character and attitude of the patient to the medical treatment and finds out the patient’s preferences. That’s why before you buy asthma inhaler, consult your doctor. Inhalers are considered to be the most rapid and comfortable-to-use asthma medications. They deliver the remedy, contained in the metal canister, straight into the lungs, where it is necessary at the event of asthma attack or as a preventer. This means that inhalers use the shortest way to deliver active components of the medication and, correspondingly, the drug starts to work faster in comparison with other forms of asthma medications. It is of special importance when the device contains a relieving drug. Relievers are prescribed in case of sudden asthma attacks and to prevent attacks of exercise-induces asthma. Asthmatic fit may be a result of exercises, no matter what kind of. Relievers are represented by the drug class known as bronchodilators. Usually, the first step a doctor in charge recommends doing in case of mild asthma is to buy asthma inhaler with reliever inside. But, you should remember that relievers cannot be used frequently. One must have it in a pocket, in bag, at home, in car… everywhere. But if you notice you need a reliever unusually often, inform your doctor about it, because very often it is the first sign of changes for the worse. When you buy asthma inhaler for yourself, pay attention to the type of medication you purchase. Preventive asthma medications, though being delivered via metered-dose or dry-powder inhalers, work too slow to relieve a sudden asthma attack: sometimes the effect can be seen in more than several hours. As one can guess it is too long to use this type of drugs when a person needs immediate, emergency help.
Before you decide to buy asthma inhaler, ask your doctor to show you how one should use it. The medical professional will explain all the steps of the inhalation and if you find one type of inhalers uncomfortable for you, try another one, but only after consulting a doctor. Remember, the effect of device you use depends on the correctness of your inhalation technique.
Patients may buy asthma inhaler only on prescription. If you have no Rx, visit your doctor and get it. Later, when you can differentiate different asthma medications and know exactly your dosage, you will be able to buy asthma medicaments online without prescription.

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