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There is no doubt that every asthmatic person have heard about such asthma medication as Ventolin. The remedy is highly efficient taken by adult patients but its effect on children still causes a lot of hot discussions amid parents. Indeed, Ventolin is recommended to children after 2 and syrup is considered to be the most comfortable drug form for the little patients. What the majority of young moms are concerned about is the influence of the medication on the immature organism. Is it worth of using Ventolin inhalers while treating asthma and other disorders of upper respiratory organs in children or syrup is the only one form possible to use? First of all we should say that, of course, Ventolin is as harmless for treating children as many other medications recommended for use in children. Otherwise, pediatricians simply would have no chance to prescribe it. More than that, Ventolin inhalers are frequently just necessary for kids when an asthma attack turned out to be acute and severe. The other moment is the way they inhale the drug, but I’ll tell about it later.
The following information will be useful for those parents who encounter with Ventolin for the first time. Ventolin is an asthma medication belonging to the drug class of bronchodilators. The latter are characterized by the ability to relive an acute asthma attack quickly by relaxing smooth muscles around respiratory tract at the moment of constriction of bronchi (the process is known as bronchospasm). Bronchodilators like Ventolin afford to get rid of such asthma symptoms as wheezing, coughing and suffocating. Ventolin inhalers or solution for nebulizing machines contain active component — Albuterol. This drug can be found bearing other brand names, for example, Proventil or ProAir HFA. Speaking about Ventolin, one should keep in mind that the effect of the drug doesn’t last forever. Ventolin is a short-acting medication, to be more exact. If your child doesn’t suffer from asthma, but has a bad cough, your doctor in charge may prescribe you Ventolin to stop a bronchospasm that may occur after spell of coughing.
One of the most wide spread delusions of parents is that Ventolin inhalers are addictive. Partly, the statement is correct. Ventolin may be addictive only when it is taken in large doses during long time. Used for treating infrequent constrictions of airways, Ventolin cannot be addictive. More than that, patients are not recommended to use Ventolin frequently, as the increased necessity in bronchodilator may indicate the worsening of asthma. That’s why, the risk your child forms Ventolin dependency is equal to zero.
Adult asthmatics successfully use metered-dose Ventolin inhalers, what can be difficult for children. In this case parents are recommended to use special nebulizing machines that afford to make inhalations without disturbing children even when they sleep. Local and online pharmacies offer customers Ventolin in the form of nebules (solution for inhalations). Read carefully the information about side effects Ventolin may cause. Watch your child while taking Ventolin, if you notice any strange side effects or the clinical course got worse, immediately tell your doctor about it. Do not adjust dosage and follow the doctor’s recommendations.

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