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The Double-Bladed Scalpel in Mohs Micrographic Surgery

Double-Bladed Scalpel


The introduction of Mohs micrographic surgery minimized the loss of normal tissue while also enabling complete tumor resection. Thenceforth, Mohs micrographic surgery was used for various cutaneous neoplasms, and it was reported as the most efficient treatment method with regard to the recurrence rates and aesthetic aspects, relative to those of the various other methods that were being applied before. So far, a single-bladed scalpel that can be used for removing common malignant skin lesions has been used. The double-bladed scalpel, with its improved ability to excise uniform strips of tissue, was originally created to harvest donor strips for hair transplantation. We describe a modified vertical method of Mohs micrographic surgery using the double-bladed scalpel, enabling unskilled surgeons to increase intraoperative efficiency.
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