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Asthma in Pregnancy: DISCUSSION

This study confirms previous reports of rates of asthma during pregnancy in the range of 0.4% to 1.3% (Table 2). It also demonstrates that rates of asthma during pregnancy are racially disparate, with African Americans and Hispanics at greater risk than whites. Furthermore, women with Medicaid and Medicaid Healthstart are at greater risk for asthma […]

Asthma in Pregnancy: RESULTS

Descriptive Characteristics of the Study Population Only the racial/ethnic groups of non-Hispanic whites (n=337,130), non-Hispanic African Americans (n= 102,129), and Hispanics (n=80,898) were used for the analyses presented in this report. Those with other race/ethnicity (n=36,440,6.6% of the study population) were excluded from the analyses because of their heterogeneity. The characteristics of the study population […]

Asthma in Pregnancy: METHODS

The methods used have been described in part elsewhere but are summarized here. The data for this historical cohort study were obtained from an administrative database that contains linked birth certificate, infant death certificate, and maternal and newborn hospital discharge claims data for the delivery hospitalization for all singleton, live births to New Jersey residents […]

Asthma in Pregnancy

INTRODUCTION Asthma is a chronic disease affecting between nine-and 12 million persons in the United States. It is the most frequent respiratory disorder complicating pregnancy, affecting 0.4-1.3% of pregnant women. There is a demonstrated association between inadequately controlled asthma during pregnancy and adverse infant and maternal outcomes, and there is considerable evidence that achieving good […]

Quality of Life in Veterans with Ischemic Heart Disease: DISCUSSION

Numerous published reports have documented ethnic differences in the receipt and outcomes of care between African-American and Caucasian patients in a variety of settings. Many of these studies have been based upon administrative data relating to hospitalization. This analysis represents one of the few attempts to investigate the existence of such differences in the primary […]

Quality of Life in Veterans with Ischemic Heart Disease: Results

At enrollment into ACQUIP, the health-screening questionnaire was sent to 55,222 patients, of whom 32,149 were Caucasian and 12,816 were African-American. A total of 31,360 were returned, including 10,385 Caucasian and African-American patients, who reported ischemic heart disease and were sent the SAQ. Responses were received from 7,985 of these patients, of whom 6,704 (84.0%) […]

Quality of Life in Veterans with Ischemic Heart Disease: METHODS

Design We performed a cross-sectional analysis of baseline data collected as part of the Ambulatory Care Quality Improvement Project (ACQUIP). ACQUIP was a multicenter, group-randomized trial designed to determine whether health outcomes and satisfaction with care could be improved by giving primary care providers access to regular, systematic assessments of their patients’ health and functional […]