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Spermicidal Activity of Oxovanadium: RESULTS(5)

The representative sperm kinematic parameters observed for VO(Cl-phen)2 versus concentration and time are shown in Figure 3, A and B, respectively. The decreases in VCL, VSL, and VAP were similar in magnitude with increasing concentrations of VO(Cl-phen)2 or exposure time. However, the linearity (LIN) of the sperm tracks and the straightness (STR) of the swimming […]

Spermicidal Activity of Oxovanadium: RESULTS(4)

Kinetics of Sperm Immobilization by Oxovanadium(IV) Complexes Was Variable Interestingly, the kinetics of sperm immobilization by the 11 oxovanadium(IV) complexes was variable. The corresponding times required for 50% motility loss of progressively motile sperm exposed to these complexes ranged from < 1 min to > 60 min. Sperm immobilization by the neutral complex, VO(Br,OH-acph)2, was the […]

Spermicidal Activity of Oxovanadium: RESULTS(3)

The spermicidal activity of the oxovanadium(IV) complexes was strongly dependent on the type of coordinated heteroligands. The oxovanadium(IV) complexes stabilized with 5-membered bis-chelated ligands of phenanthroline, bipyr-idyl, and acetophenone, with a vanadium(IV) atom conferring a ‘‘butterfly structure,’’ had superior spermicidal activity when compared with diaqua monochelated complexes (Fig. 1). proventil inhaler Also, in comparison to […]

Spermicidal Activity of Oxovanadium: RESULTS(2)

Among the 4 bipyridyl-linked cationic complexes, the bis-2,2′-bipyridyl complex, VO(bipy)2, and its 4,7-dimethyl derivative, VO(Me2-bipy)2, were the most active, with EC50 values of 35 ^M and 73 ^M, respectively. The mono-2,2′-bipyridal complex, VO(bipy), was the least active (EC50 = 118 ^M). The 5-bromo derivative of bis-2′-hydroxyacetophenone, a neutral complex, was also potent, with an EC50 […]

Spermicidal Activity of Oxovanadium: RESULTS(1)

Oxovanadium(IV) Complexes of 1,10-Phenanthroline, 2,2 ‘-Bipyridyl, and 5 ‘-Bromo-2 ‘-Hydroxyacetophenone and Derivatives Had Spermicidal Activity Because of the reported ability of an oxovanadium(IV) complex of 1,10-phenanthroline to induce hydroxyl radical-mediated cell damage, we synthesized a series of 11 oxovanadium(IV) complexes including six phenanthro-line (phen)-linked [VO(phen), VO(phen)2, VO(Me2-phen), VO(Me2-phen)2, vO(Cl-phen), and VO(Cl-phen)2] and four bipyridyl (bipy)-linked […]

Spermicidal Activity of Oxovanadium: MATERIALS AND METHODS(10)

Confocal Laser Scanning Microscopy Confocal microscopy of TUNEL-positive and control sperm was performed using a Bio-Rad MRC 1024 Laser Scanning Confocal Microscope (Bio-Rad Labs., Richmond, CA) equipped with an argon-ion laser (excitation at 488 nm and emission at 540 nm) and mounted on a Nikon Eclipse E800 series upright microscope (Nikon Instruments, Garden City, NY) […]

Spermicidal Activity of Oxovanadium: MATERIALS AND METHODS(9)

Sperm were washed in PBS-1% BSA and fixed in 4% paraformaldehyde in PBS for 15 min. After two washes in PBS, they were permeabilized with 0.1% Triton X-100 in 0.1% sodium citrate for 2 min on ice, and washed twice with PBS. Labeling of exposed 3′-hydroxyl (3′-OH) ends of fragmented sperm nuclear DNA was performed […]