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Comparative Studies on the In Vitro: DISCUSSION(6)

Expression of mRNA of PKA subunits did not differ in nondecidualized and decidualized cells in either the baboon or the human. This confirms a recent study showing that all four isoforms were present in human endometrial stromal cells, with no difference in the mRNA expression of the isoforms between decidualized and nondecidualized cells. Even the […]

Comparative Studies on the In Vitro: DISCUSSION(5)

Several reports have indicated that stimulation of the cAMP signaling pathway is an important factor in deci-dualizing stromal cells. The mechanism by which this is accomplished, however, requires further investigation. Our studies suggest that decidualization, as assessed by IGFBP-1 and prolactin induction, requires several intermediate steps associated with the cAMP signaling pathway. The response to […]

Comparative Studies on the In Vitro: DISCUSSION(4)

The function of IGFBP-1 produced by the decidua is poorly understood. The IGFBPs either can enhance or inhibit insulin-like growth factor (IGF) action or could act independently of IGFs and bind to integrins through the IGFBP-1 RGD sequence. The involvement of IGFBP-1 in controlling trophoblast invasion has been suggested but remains unresolved. One possible mechanism […]

Comparative Studies on the In Vitro: DISCUSSION(3)

One possible role for the appearance of aSMA, other than initiating changes in cell shape, may be to decrease the proliferation process in these cells in preparation for differentiation. It has been shown that induction of aSMA by transforming growth factor p in smooth muscle inhibits proliferation, thus maintaining the cell in its contractile state. […]

Comparative Studies on the In Vitro: DISCUSSION(2)

Cytoskeletal proteins are important in mitosis, cell growth, and changes in cell shape and also for the regulation of protein secretion. Alpha SMA is an important filamentous protein associated with the cytoskeleton. In the baboon, aSMA is absent in the stromal fibroblasts of the endometrium throughout the menstrual cycle but becomes evident as early as […]

Comparative Studies on the In Vitro: DISCUSSION(1)

This is the first report that describes in vitro deciduali-zation in a nonhuman primate. We have demonstrated that baboon stromal cells require dbcAMP in addition to hormones to produce high levels of IGFBP-1. Evidence presented in this study suggests that the processes of decidualization in the human and baboon involve similar mechanisms. Both human and […]

Comparative Studies on the In Vitro: RESULTS(5)

Short-Term dbcAMP Treatment Human and baboon stromal cells were pretreated with hormones for 2, 12, or 17 days, and dbcAMP was added for the last 48 h of each time point. This was done in order to determine whether long- or short-term treatment with dbcAMP was required for decidualization and IGFBP-1 expression. In human stromal […]