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Glutathione-Independent Prostaglandin: RESULTS(3)

A reduction in molecular mass of about 5 kDa appeared for the most basic isoforms of the protein during epididymal transit (Fig. 6D). PGDS was represented by two spots of 27 kDa and pi of 5.8-6.2 in the ejaculate (Fig. 6E). The PGDS concentration was highest in the fluid from the anterior region of the […]

Glutathione-Independent Prostaglandin: RESULTS(2)

PGDS was represented by 5 main acidic isoforms in the RTF, with a molecular mass of 30 kDa and a range of pi 4.2-5.5 (Fig. 2B). Eight spots were detected by Western blotting in the caput epididymal fluid, with a molecular mass of 27 kDa and a pi range of 4.56.5 (Fig. 2C); in contrast, […]

Glutathione-Independent Prostaglandin: RESULTS(1)

Identification and Localization of PGDS in Testicular and Epididymal Fluids and Seminal Plasma A major polymorphic monomeric protein of 27 kDa, pI 4.5-6.5, was present in the middle caput epididymidis (region 2) fluid of the ram. It was composed of at least 8 visible isoforms in silver-stained 2D electrophoresis and was identified as PGDS by […]

Glutathione-Independent Prostaglandin: MATERIALS AND METHODS(8)

RNA Extraction Total RNA was prepared from 200 mg frozen tissue according to the isothiocyanate guanidinium technique described by Chomczynski and Sacchi. RNA was extracted from the testes, efferent ducts, and various epidid-ymal regions. For each total RNA sample, 10 ^g was separated by electrophoresis in 1% agarose formaldehyde gel in the presence of RNA […]

Glutathione-Independent Prostaglandin: MATERIALS AND METHODS(7)

The primary antibody was diluted at 1:2000 in 5% goat serum in TBS and incubated for 1 h at 37°C. Blots were then washed with the same buffer and incubated with horseradish peroxidase-conjugated goat anti-rabbit IgG diluted at 1:10 000 in 5% goat serum in TBS for 30 min at 37°C. After several washings, immunoreactive […]

Glutathione-Independent Prostaglandin: MATERIALS AND METHODS(6)

The pH gradient was obtained with 1% pH 3-10 ampholytes and 1% pH 2-11 servalytes. Isoelectric focusing was run at 20 mA, 0.1 W/tube, and 700 V for a total of 10 000 V/h followed by 20 mA, 0.1 W/tube, and 3000 V and a total of 2000 V/h. The 2D separation was performed on a […]

Glutathione-Independent Prostaglandin: MATERIALS AND METHODS(5)

Evaluation of Relative Amounts of PGDS by ELISA Amounts of PGDS in epididymal fluids from different regions were compared in both species by an ELISA method. Proteins from various epididymal fluids (from 200 ^g/ ml to 100 ng/ml in 50 mM carbonate buffer, pH 9) were coated on ELISA plates. The binding sites of the […]