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Spermicidal Activity of Oxovanadium: DISCUSSION(2)


Structure-activity relationship analyses of 19 vanadocenes and 11 oxovanadium(IV) complexes clearly demonstrated that the spermicidal properties of these complexes were determined by the oxidation state of the vanadium(IV) atom. The various ancillary ligands linked by either carbon, nitrogen, or oxygen atoms to the central vanadium(IV) atom significantly contributed either to fine tuning of the spermicidal potency or enhancing the stability of these complexes in aqueous solution. buy flovent inhaler

In addition, similar to our earlier findings with neutral complexes of vanadocenes, the neutral complex of oxovanadium(IV), VO(Br,OH-acph)2, rapidly inactivated sperm in seconds in comparison to the cationic chelated oxovanadium(IV) complexes or cationic chelated vanadocenes, which required a lag period of several minutes. Therefore, it appears from our study that despite the tetrahedral geometry of the ‘‘bent-sand-wich’’ structures of vanadocenes or the square pyramidal geometry/“butterfly’’ structures of oxovanadium(IV) complexes, the rapidity of vanadium(IV)-mediated spermicidal activity was dependent on the neutrality of these complexes. Because the neutral complex of oxovanadium(IV), VO(Br,OH-acph)2, was a rapid spermicidal agent, it is likely that this complex of oxovanadium(IV) is rapidly transported across the sperm cell membranes. Because of its rapidity and potency, VO(Br,OH-acph)2 may be useful as a contraceptive agent.

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