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Pretreatment with catecholamines can suppress severe ventricular arrhythmias in rats: ANIMALS AND METHODS (part 2)

In vivo studies
Rats were randomized to receive either noradrenaline or saline (1 mg/kg intraperitoneally). After 24 h the rats (n=18 for each group) were anesthetized (sodium pentobarbitone 40 mg/kg intraperitoneally), artificially ventilated and instrumented for LAD coronary artery occlusion. Both the carotid artery and the jugular vein were cannulated for arterial blood pressure measurements, maintenance of anesthesia and heparinization. A single-channel ECG was registered continually throughout the experiment. After left thoracotomy, the pericardium was opened and a suture was placed around the LAD coronary artery. Occlusion was induced by tightening of the ligature and maintained for 30 mins. Sham-operated animals served as time-matched controls (n=9 for the treated and untreated groups). After the end of the experiment, the hearts were processed as described above.In both types of experiments arrhythmias were analyzed in accordance with Lambeth conventions by counting the total number of premature ventricular complexes (PVCs), and by determining the incidences of ventricular tachycardia (VT) and fibrillation (VF) and their duration. VF lasting more than 2 mins in the Langendorff preparation was considered as sustained, and in such hearts normal sinus rhythm has never been restored. Severity of arrhythmias was evaluated by means of an arrhythmia score ranging from 1 (for PVCs) to 5 (for sustained VF). You have a great opportunity to discover the pharmacy that will always be sure to live up to your highest expectations, no matter if you would like to get Buy Generic Kamagra or buy any other prescription medicine with no prescription required on very advantageous terms.

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