Hepatitis B Virus (HBV)

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Differences in Perceptions of What Constitutes Having “Had Sex”: RESULTS

The mean age of the sample was 37.5 years, with a range between 19-68 years of age. Seventy-seven percent of the sample was male, 23% female; 25% was white, 52% African-American, 19% Latino, and 4% did not identify with any of the above categories. Additionally, 68.4% of male respondents indicated male sex partners within the […]

Differences in Perceptions of What Constitutes Having “Had Sex”: METHODS

The data were collected from surveys completed between November 2003 and February 2004, among HIV-infected individuals receiving medical and social services from a nonprofit AIDS service organizations in Dallas, TX. Over the three-month period, 279 unduplicated patients presenting for routine medical care completed surveys.

Approved Drugs for Adults

The future looks bright for individuals living with chronic hepatitis B. Only a decade ago there were no treatment options. Although there is still no complete cure for hepatitis B, there are 7 approved drugs for adults (2 for children) and many promising new drugs in development. Current treatments seem to be most effective in […]

Hepatitis B – Symptoms and Treatment

Because there is no effective medicine that will actually cure Hepatitis B. But instead an alternative supplemental vitamin is given to any patient oh Hepatitis B like essentiale and Jetefar for the affected liver and the rest of the medicine given are just for calming the body of the Hepa B. patient. The symptoms and […]

Hepatitis A – Hepatitis B – Hepatitis C – The Simple Facts and the Cures

What is Hepatitis A – Hepatitis B – Hepatitis C: Hepatitis A – An inflammatory viral disease of the liver with a short incubation period. Hepatitis A may be transmitted by eating contaminated food, by fecal-oral contact, and/or through household contact. Hepatitis A may be mild to severe; symptoms include fever, nausea, and jaundice. Hepatitis […]