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Nuchal-type Fibroma of the Coccyx



Nuchal-type fibroma is a rare, tumor-like pro­liferation originally described by Enzinger and Weiss. One case was also reported in Korean dermatologic literature. This process chiefly occurs in the dorsocervical area of adult patients, but may arise elsewhere in the subcutis. Affected patients’ ages mainly ranged from 25 and 60 years. This lesion may be seen as a firm fibrofatty mass, and it consists of hypocellular dense bundles of collagen with interspersed fat tissue, nerve fiber, etc. In early stage, nuchal-type fibromas were always reported on the posterior neck, therefore the term “nuchal fibroma” was picked up by authors. But, the term “nuchal-type fibroma” was proposed as the extranuchal lesions were also described. Nuchal- type fibromas in extranuchal locations are often called extranuchal nuchal-type fibroma. Nuchal- type fibroma in extranuchal locations most often involved the back or scapular region, shoulder, and face. These lesions are morphologically indistin­guishable from the lesions involving the nuchal region. We report an adult with nuchal-type fibroma, which was located in coccyx area. viagra 50 mg

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