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Localized Pseudoxanthoma Elasticum-like Changes on the Chin

Localized pseudoxanthoma elasticum


Pseudoxanthoma elasticum (PXE) is a rare, in­herited, multisystemic disorder. It is characterized by progressive calcification and degeneration of elastic fibers resulting in a diagnostic pathologic picture referred to as “elastorrhexia”. Skin lesions almost always begin on the lateral portion of the neck during early childhood and remain confined to the flexural area, except in the most advanced cases, in which the trunk, face, and extremities may be involved. However, mild forms of the disorder can easily be overlooked. Skin biopsy remains the best way to diagnose PXE. To date, the majority of re­ports have focused on the typical clinical symptoms of PXE, the associated systemic abnormalities of PXE, or perforating PXE. Localized, acquired cu­taneous PXE has been proposed as a non-heritable form that is nearly identical to the heritable form. Recently, a previously undescribed cutaneous finding (mental creases) in a patient with PXE was re- ported. However, we describe a patient with lo­calized PXE-like histologic changes who had only had an itching sensation on the chin, without any skin surface changes. buy female viagra

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