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Leukocyte Migration Inhibition in Propranolol-induced Pneumonitis: RESULTS

The LMI curves obtained in the four types of cell suspensions are shown in the Figure. A bell-shaped curve of LMI in presence of low concentrations of propranolol, situated between log-5 and log 0 is present only in the suspension containing the patients lymphocytes. The peak inhibition at 10~3 fig^d (3.38 x 10 е M) was 25.23 percent and at 10″2 jig/ml (3.38 X 10-8 M) was 22.72 percent. This inhibition was maximal at 36 h of culture and decreased slightly by 60 h. No significant (>20 percent) LMI was noted in the presence of low drug concentrations in any of the other suspensions.

A second zone of LMI appears at drug concentrations of log 1 (10 jig/ml, 3.38 X Ю-5 M), which is present to the same degree in all four types of suspensions. Inhibition in this zone increased with drug concentrations and with time, indicating its toxic nature. cialis professional online

Focuan 1. Leukocyte migration inhibition

FIGURE 1. Leukocyte migration inhibition in presence of propranolol in four types of cell suspension after 36 h of culture; LMI (percent), noted on the vertical axis, is shown for 11 logs of drug concentration (jig/ml).

The LMI shown in the Figure was calculated by comparing the mean value of migration from 10 to 14 microdroplets in medium containing a given drug concentration with the mean value of migration in medium without drug. As the migration of each microdroplet at optimal inhibitory concentrations of drug was not equally affected, the effect on each individual microdroplet was also calculated and the mean migration inhibition ±SEM derived therefrom. canada pharmacy mall

The variation of migration from microdroplets in control medium was similarly calculated. Inhibition calculated in this way was quasi-identical with that obtained by the first method, notably for suspension 1, containing the patients lymphocytes. Significant inhibition at drug concentrations of 10~3 }ig and 10~8 jJLg/ml was again found only in suspension 1 (p<0.005 for both drug concentrations), the effects ob¬served at these two drug concentrations in the three other suspensions being nonsignificant (p>0.30 to 0.80). Further¬more, LMI observed in suspension 1 containing the patients lymphocytes was highly significant compared with that in all the other suspensions at both 10″8 \Lg and 10-3 ц-g/ml (p<0.0001 to <0.005), as shown in the Table.

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