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Glutathione-Independent Prostaglandin: DISCUSSION(4)


The origin of PGDS in the seminal plasma of the ram was the epididymis, since no PGDS mRNA was detected in the seminal vesicle tissue and the protein was not detectable in seminal vesicle secretions or in the seminal plasma of vas deferens-ligated rams (data not shown). Buy Advair Diskus Online

The regulation of expression and synthesis of PGDS in the anterior part of the epididymis is not dependent on testicular factors, since efferent duct ligation did not abolish mRNA expression or protein synthesis in the caput epidi-dymidis in either species studied. The reduction in PGDS expression and synthesis observed in the anterior caput in the ligated ram, and its disappearance from the efferent ducts of the ligated stallion, were probably a consequence of the general reduction in epithelial activities due to the suppression of testicular fluid.

The sensitivity to androgen is species dependent, since PGDS expression was still detectable in the castrated ram but not in the castrated stallion, where androgen administration completely restored PGDS secretion. However, the synthesis of PGDS was reduced and abnormal in castrated rams, since only the most basic isoforms were secreted. Furthermore, no modification of the protein was observed during epididymal transit.

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