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Expression of 11 p-Hydroxysteroid Dehydrogenase: DISCUSSION(1)

This study provides direct evidence that 11 (3HSD genes are gonadotropically regulated in the mammalian ovary. Previously we showed that luteinized granulosa cells from the ovaries of in vitro fertilization patients, collected 36 h after ovulation induction with hCG, express increased levels of 11pHSD1 mRNA but reduced levels of 11pHSD2 mRNA as compared with granulosa cells from the resected ovaries of cyclic women removed before onset of the midcycle LH surge.

The clinical context precluded experimental observation of 11pHSD isoform expression in relation to stage of gonadotropin-induced follicular development. Here, we used the eCG-primed immature rat ovary to demonstrate unequivocally that hCG induces up-regula-tion of 11pHSD1 and down-regulation of 11p-HSD2 expression in the preovulatory follicle. In addition we found that the rat ovary expresses MR mRNA, which unlike GR mRNA is also down-regulated by gonadotropins. This confirms the mammalian ovary as a corticosteroid target organ, the status of which alters in relation to follicular activity. buy cheap antibiotics

Our results extend previous reports of 11 (3HSD expression in the rat ovary, demonstrating that both 11 (3HSD type 1 and 2 are transcribed, albeit subject to differential control.

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