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Etiology and Pattern of Zygomatic Complex Fractures

Zygomatic Complex Fractures


Fractures of the zygomatic complex are among the most frequent in maxillofacial trauma. The zygomatic complex is responsible for the mid-facial contour and for the protection of the orbital contents. The etiology of zygomatic complex fractures include road traffic accidents, assaults, falls, sports and missile injuries. The relative contribution of these factors varies from region to region.

Fractures of the zygomatic complex appear commoner in young adult males. Common clinical features of zygomatic complex fractures include diplopia, enophthalmos, subconjunctival ecchymosis, flattening of the cheek, gagging of the occlusion and sensory disturbances. Diagnosis of zygomatic complex fractures is usually clinical, with radiographic confirmation.

Although isolated zygomatic complex fractures occur, several studies have shown that fractures of the zygomatic complex are often associated with other maxillofacial injuries. It would appear that there is no consensus opinion regarding the management of zygomatic complex fractures, as some studies have shown that many maxillofacial surgeons utilize differing practices in the management of such fractures. generic avandia

This study aims to determine the etiology and pattern of fractures of the zygomatic complex as seen in two university teaching hospitals in southern Nigeria and to compare the findings with other studies in the literature.

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