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Comparison of PEFR and FEV1 in Patients with Varying Degrees of Airway Obstruction

Comparison of PEFR and FEV1 in Patients with Varying Degrees of Airway ObstructionEffect of Modest Altitude Spirometric testing is often used in the assessment of the patient with pulmonary disease. In patients with asthma and other obstructive lung diseases, FEVj and PEFR are widely used to estimate the degree of pulmonary impairment. Both measurements have proved to be excellent methods of following the course of individual patients, but few data are available comparing their relative merits for initial patient evaluation. This study is an effort to compare FEV! and PEFR measurements during a single clinic visit. We sought to determine how FEV! and PEFR correlate over a wide range of pulmonary function, which measurement would best identify patients with pulmonary impairment, and which test would provide the most consistent and reproducible data. Additionally, since it has recently been shown that airflow resistance is reduced as barometric pressure decreases, we sought to determine the effect of modest altitude increases on spirometric measurements by studying normal subjects in an atmospheric chamber. Materials and Methods Subjects The study population consisted of 102 consecutive patients who presented to the Allergy-Immunology Service at Fitzsimons Army Medical Center for evaluation of respiratory diseases over approximately a nine-month period. All patients who were able to cooperate and provide reproducible pulmonary function test results were included. In an effort to assess the effect of altitude on spirometric measurements, nine nonsmoking adults (ages 26 to 55 years) with no evidence of pulmonary disease agreed to perform forced expiratory efforts in an atmospheric chamber (Colorado State University, Ft. Collins). Pulmonary Function listing The FEV, and PEFR were measured using the Jones Pulmonor Waterless Spirometer Model II (Jones Medical Instrument Co), and the PEFR was additionally measured with the mini-Wright peak flow meter (Armstrong Industries, Inc). http://antimicrobialmed.com/

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