Hepatitis B Virus (HBV)

Comparative Studies on the In Vitro: MATERIALS AND METHODS(1)



All cell culture supplies were obtained from Gibco BRL (Gaithersburg MD). Other reagents of cell culture grade were purchased from Fisher Scientific (Itasca, IL), Sigma Chemical Company (St. Louis, MO), or Boehringer-Mann-heim (Indianapolis, IN). buy ortho tri-cyclen


Endometrial tissues were obtained from cycling (Day 910 postovulation), hCG- and steroid-treated (simulated-pregnant), and pregnant baboons. The day of ovulation was designated to be 2 days after the estradiol surge and was confirmed by prospective measurement of peripheral serum levels of estradiol. In order to simulate pregnancy, normally cycling animals received increasing dosages of hCG (Profasi; Serono Laboratories, Inc., Norwell, MA) in addition to estradiol and progesterone via s.c. Silastic implants (Dow-Corning, Midland, MI). This treatment regimen resulted in peripheral levels of hormones comparable to those of pregnancy. The binding of antibodies to aSMA and IGFBP-1 on paraffin-embedded tissue was visualized using an ABC Vectastain kit (Vector Laboratories, Inc., Burlingame, CA) as previously described.

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