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Coculture with Follicular Shell Pieces: DISCUSSION(5)

The viability of in vitro-derived embryos obtained from oocytes matured in the presence of FSP was evaluated by transferring 2- to 4-cell-stage embryos to recipient gilts. Of 9 recipients, 5 became pregnant and gave birth to 18 live piglets. Although 40 embryos were transferred to the oviduct of each recipient, the litter size ranged from […]

Coculture with Follicular Shell Pieces: DISCUSSION(4)

In the present study, the exact mechanism by which FSP influenced a higher GSH concentration in IVM pig oocytes is not known. It is possible that FSP may have prevented the oxidation of available cysteine in the maturation medium, a precursor of GSH, so that oocytes may effectively utilize cysteine to synthesize GSH. It has […]

Coculture with Follicular Shell Pieces: DISCUSSION(3)

Improved development of 6- to 8-cell bovine embryos to the blastocyst stage is associated with increased intracellular GSH . Furthermore, a high intracellular concentration of GSH also appears to be essential for overcoming the in vitro developmental arrest in mice and rats . In the present study, intracellular GSH was significantly higher in pig oocytes […]

Coculture with Follicular Shell Pieces: DISCUSSION(2)

The embryo culture medium used in the present study was NCSU 23 medium supplemented with 0.4% BSA. Recent experiments with NCSU 23 medium provide evidence that in vitro development of pig embryos, derived from IVM oocytes fertilized in vivo or in vitro, can develop to morula and blastocyst stages . This medium could be used […]

Coculture with Follicular Shell Pieces: DISCUSSION(1)

The change of medium after 24 h is similar to our IVM conditions except for the differences in the type of maturation medium and supplements. According to Mattioli et al. , the process by which follicular somatic cell secretions influence complete oocyte maturation is due to the ability to maintain a functional intercellular coupling between […]

Coculture with Follicular Shell Pieces: RESULTS(2)

Effect of Coculture with FSP on Intracellular GSH Concentration A total of six samples (20-30 oocytes per sample) from three replicates were assayed. As shown in Figure 4, the intracellular concentration of GSH in oocytes matured in the presence of FSP (8.7 ±1.6 pmol/oocyte) was significantly (p < 0.01) higher than in oocytes matured in […]

Coculture with Follicular Shell Pieces: RESULTS(1)

Embryo Transfer Prepubertal gilts aged 165-180 days were used as recipients. These animals received a single i.m. injection of 1000 IU eCG followed by 500 IU hCG 84-96 h later. Embryos (2 to 4 cell, n = 40) derived 48 h after IVF of oocytes matured in the presence of FSP were surgically transferred into […]