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The true incidence of the serotonin syndrome is unknown but was originally felt to be rare. There continues to be a need to develop diagnostic criteria and better recognition ofthis adverse drug event. Physicians will then be more able to recognize, treat, report and, better still, prevent potentially fatal drug in ter actions.

The two cases described here had several similarities: both suffered from recurrent depressions that were difficult to treat; both had a history of drug abuse; both the patients (and their families) had a preoccupation with physical complaints; both had multiple health care contacts; and both experienced fa tal sero tonin syn drome.

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Fatal serotonin syndrome. A report of two cases: SEROTONIN SYNDROME

Serotonin syndrome was described by Insel et al in 1982. It appears to be dis-inct from malignant hyper-hermia and neu rolep tic ma lig nant syn drome. The in ter action of sero to -nergic agents and monoamine oxidase inhibi-ors is a commonly accepted etiology, although the exact pathophysiological mechanism has not been completely delineated. The resultant hyperserotonergic state may manifest it self with men tal status and behav ioral changes (agita tion, restlessness, confusion, incoordination, hypomania, coma or seizures), altered muscle tone or neu romuscu lar activ ity (myoclonus, tremor, shivering, rigors, rigidity or hyperreflexia), autonomic instability (hypertension or hypotension, tachycardia or profuse sweating), hyperpyrexia and diarrhea. This syndrome, if recognized early, will usually resolve with the discont inuat ion of the suspected agents and treatment with support ive measures. There have been reported deaths, however. If you are concerned about high cost of meds these days but still want to make sure your problem is treated properly, it’s a good idea to visit the canadian family pharmacy online for efficient medications of best quality, which will also be delivered to you any time any place.

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The second case was a 24-year-old female who had suffered childhood abuse. She developed addiction problems with alcohol and street drugs, and de pres sion was a re cur rent theme. She had physical complaints as well and focused considerable attention on these. She had been treated by many psychiatrists and mental health workers. Several weeks before her death she had been prescribed sertraline by her family doctor in an effort to treat her depression. Two weeks later she was admitted to hospital for a suicidal crisis. While in hospital she was switched to moclobemide. She appeared to get better after nine days of therapy and was discharged with instructions to carry on with moclobemide and not to take sertraline due to the po- en-ial dangerous in-eracion of these two drugs. …Read the rest of this article

Fatal serotonin syndrome. A report of two cases: CASE 1 PRESENTATION

The first case involved a 49-year-old female with an ex-ensive his-ory of recurring depressions for at least 20 years. Drug abuse of narcotics and alcohol led to her treatment at a major addiction centre on more than one occasion in the early 1980s. She had numerous family doctors, psychiatrists and other mental health care workers all trying to help her with her psychiatric concerns. As well she had multiple physical complaints resulting in many investigations, multiple operations, ensuing complications of treatments and so called drug ‘allergies’(including lithium). If you need your treatment to start soon and are not too crazy about spending too much money, it’s time for you to discover the . This is a very affordable and safe pharmacy selling drugs of best quality and delivering them internationally in no time.

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