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Tight Junctions in Human Ovarian Surface Epithelium: DISCUSSION

The ovarian surface epithelium (OSE) is a modified peritoneal mesothelium. It is composed of a single-layered sheet of flat to cuboidal cells that rest on a basal lamina and express microvillus toward the peritoneal cavity. The OSE is distinguished from extraovarian mesothelium by its capacity of steroid synthesis and expression of keratin and mucin. Epithelial-derived […]

Tight Junctions in Human Ovarian Surface Epithelium: RESULTS

Tight Junction Proteins in Human Ovarian Biopsies By immunofluorescence microscopic analysis, we could determine that the main localization of the TJ-associated protein ZO-1 and the integral membrane proteins occludin and claudin-1 was at the cell borders of normal OSE (Fig. 1, A through C). The underlying stroma were without staining, indicated by stars. TJ protein […]

Tight Junctions in Human Ovarian Surface Epithelium: MATERIAL AND METHODS

Patient Material OSE cells and tissue biopsies from normal ovaries were obtained from women operated on for benign nonovarian diseases at the Gynecology Unit, Sahlgrenska University Hospital, Goteborg, Sweden. OSE cells for culture were obtained from a total of 32 women. Normal ovarian tissue biopsies were collected from a total of nine women. A description […]

Tight Junctions in Human Ovarian Surface Epithelium: INTRODUCTION

The ovary is covered by a single layer of mesothelial-type epithelial cells, generally referred to as the ovarian surface epithelium (OSE). This single layer of cells is considered to be the origin of approximately 90% of all ovarian cancers, thus referred to as epithelial ovarian cancer. OSE is a simple, rather primitive epithelium with some […]