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Treatment for Collapsed Lung in Critically III Patients: DISCUSSION

Collapsed lung is one of the important problems in critically ill patients, and the clinical condition may worsen rapidly. Treatment with a therapeutic fiber­optic bronchoscopic procedure at the bedside was introduced and good results were reported in many studies. This therapeutic procedure includes repet­itive sputum suctioning and bronchial washing with normal saline solution; complete or […]

Treatment for Collapsed Lung in Critically III Patients: RESULTS

After 12 of the 14 procedures, the chest x-ray film showed complete reexpansion; in the remaining two, case 5 and the secondary procedure in case 12, the x-ray film showed partial re-expansion. In case 5 the collapsed lung reexpanded completely after six days of continuous, intensive, pulmonary care. In case 12, a third bronchoscopic procedure […]

Treatment for Collapsed Lung in Critically III Patients: MATERIALS AND METHODS

Twelve patients were admitted to the medical or surgical ICU for the different critical conditions (Table 1). The duration of lung collapse ranged from 24 to 120 hours. All had received intensive respiratory care since admission to prevent atelectasis. When the lung collapsed, another 24 hours of respiratory therapy was per­formed before the fiberoptic bronchoscope […]

Treatment for Collapsed Lung in Critically III Patients

Collapsed lung is a common problem in critically ill patients. Although respiratory therapy is a pri­mary and effective method of treatment, it is not suitable for some patients, such as those with rib fractures, hemothorax, or pneumothorax. Other pa­tients are too critical to wait for the results of repetitive respiratory care or cannot tolerate vigorous […]