Hepatitis B Virus (HBV)

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Epigenetic and Genomic Imprinting: DISCUSSION

Here we demonstrate the development of a B. gaurus/B. taurus interspecies model for the analysis of genomic imprinting and DNA methylation in midgestation clones produced by somatic cell nuclear transfer. Interspecies NT has previously been used to generate live offspring in the equine (Equus asinus/Equine cabullus), ovine (Ovis orientalis musimo/Ovine aries), feline (Felis silvestris/ Feline […]

Epigenetic and Genomic Imprinting: RESULTS

Production of Day 40 and Day 72 Control B. gaurus/B. taurus fetuses Bos gaurus and Bos taurus hybrid fetuses and placentas were obtained at Day 40 and Day 72 of gestation (Fig. 1). A total of three Day 40 hybrid pregnancies were obtained (one female and two males) and six Day 72 hybrid pregnancies (four […]

Epigenetic and Genomic Imprinting: MATERIALS AND METHODS

Animal experimentation was conducted in accordance with the Guide for the Care and Use of Agricultural Animals in Agricultural Research and Teaching. All animal protocols were reviewed and approved by the University Lab Animal Care Committee. Production of Control B. gaurus/B. taurus Hybrids Heifers and mature (1.5- to 3-yr-old) Angus and Angus-cross cows were used […]

Epigenetic and Genomic Imprinting: INTRODUCTION

The nuclear transfer (NT) process in livestock and experimental animals results in pregnancy rates much lower than in vivo- or in vitro-derived animals. In addition, the clones that develop to term possess a myriad of disorders including obesity, large offspring syndrome, respiratory failure, organ defects, diabetes, and arthritis. In cattle, NT is currently an inefficient […]