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Cyclic and Maturation: DISCUSSION(5)

In conclusion, these results, which are summarized in Figure 11, demonstrate that gonadotropin receptor expression in ovarian follicles of the pig during the estrous cycle is heterogeneous and depends both on follicular maturation and on stage of the estrous cycle. The relative abundance of these mRNAs changes in total ovary during the estrous cycle, and […]

Cyclic and Maturation: DISCUSSION(4)

LHr mRNA localized only to theca cells in small follicles from prepubertal ovaries (Fig. 3) and from estrous cycle Day 4 (Fig. 5), Day 7 (Fig. 6), and Day 16 (Fig. 8) ovaries. LHr mRNA was expressed weakly in granulosa cells of some small follicles on Day 7 (Fig. 6D) and of medium follicles on […]

Cyclic and Maturation: DISCUSSION(3)

There have been conflicting reports of the changes in FSHr in granulosa cells during follicular growth and maturation. In rats and sheep, binding of 125I-FSH shows little change during the estrous cycle. In the pig and the domestic hen, FSHr decline as follicles enlarge. In the cow, some reports indicate that FSHr increase as follicles […]

Cyclic and Maturation: DISCUSSION(2)

In situ hybridization analysis demonstrated that the distribution of FSHr and LHr mRNAs changed dramatically during the estrous cycle and that follicles were very heterogeneous in their FSHr and LHr mRNA content. In agreement with ligand autoradiographic studies and in situ hybridization studies of rat, cow, and pig ovaries, FSHr mRNA localized only to granulosa […]

Cyclic and Maturation: DISCUSSION(1)

Expression of mRNAs for FSHr and LHr in the ovaries of prepubertal and mature pigs was studied by RNA blotting and in situ hybridization in order to determine the variation in mRNA transcripts and the cellular distribution of receptor message expression. This is important because pigs are multiple ovulators with large numbers of follicles at […]

Cyclic and Maturation: RESULTS(3)

On Day 7, mid-diestrus, FSHr mRNA hybridization was positive in granulosa cells of small antral follicles (Fig. 6A), and LHr mRNA hybridization was positive in theca cells but negative in granulosa cells (Fig. 6B). Comparison of the follicle on the left with the follicle on the right in Figure 6C revealed that FSHr mRNA was […]

Cyclic and Maturation: RESULTS(2)

In Situ Hybridization The cellular localization of FSHr and LHr mRNAs was studied by in situ hybridization. Adjacent sections of ovary obtained at each day of the estrous cycle were hybridized with antisense and sense cRNA probes. Hybridization with sense probes (negative control) for FSHr mRNA (Fig. 2A) and for LHr mRNA (Fig. 2B) was […]