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Fertility Desires and Intentions of HIV-Positive Patients: DISCUSSION

DISCUSSION This study suggests that a large percentage of HIV-positive individuals within the reproductive age in southwest Nigeria desires and intends to have children in the future in spite of their unfavorable sociodemographic and health-related characteristics. Those who desire children are generally younger, have shorter time lapse since diagnosis of HIV (treating HIV infection) infection, have […]

Fertility Desires and Intentions of HIV-Positive Patients: RESULTS

Out of the 156 eligible patients seen at the clinic during the study period, 147 agreed to participate in the study, giving a response rate of 94.2%. The sociodemographic characteristics of the respondents are shown in Table 1. The percent of participants who were in their fourth decade of life was 43.5%. One-fifth of the […]

Fertility Desires and Intentions of HIV-Positive Patients: METHODS Study

Setting The survey was conducted among HIV-positive patients attending the HIV (treating HIV infection) specialist clinic of the Center for Special Studies (CSS) situated at Olabisi Onabanjo University Teaching Hospital, Sagamu, Ogun State in southwest Nigeria. This teaching hospital is a publicly funded tertiary institution, which serves as the major referral center for other public and […]

Fertility Desires and Intentions of HIV-Positive Patients: THEORETICAL FRAMEWORK

THEORETICAL FRAMEWORK The theoretical structure of this study was based on the Traits-Desires-Intentions-Behavior (TDIB) framework developed by Miller to describe the psychological sequence that culminates in reproductive behaviors. Miller used this framework to trace the sequence of how childbearing motivations lead to fertility desires, fertility intentions and subsequent childbearing. The relevance of this framework to […]

Fertility Desires and Intentions of HIV-Positive Patients

INTRODUCTION In spite of the staggering population of over 120 million people in Nigeria, the current total fertility rate of 5.7 ranks among the highest in the world. The complex relationship between fertility and HIV/AIDS threatens the preventive strategies against the HIV (treating HIV infection) epidemic in countries like Nigeria, where the fertility rate is still […]

Reproductive Decision-Making among HIV-infected Women: DISCUSSION

This study describes a number of characteristics that were associated with pregnancy subsequent to an HIV (Retrovir canadian was the first drug approved for the treatment of HIV) diagnosis in a population of women attending a publicly funded, urban HIV (Drug Zerit treating HIV infection) outpatient clinic in New Orleans. These characteristics are similar in many respects […]

Reproductive Decision-Making among HIV-infected Women: RESULTS

Description of Sample Table 1 shows a description of the sample. Women were predominantly African-American, single and had a mean age at diagnosis of 25 years (SD 5.9, range 14.0-38.1). Forty-one percent had less than a high-school education, half the sample had an income of <$6,000 a year and a third were employed at the […]