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Episodic Gonadotropin Secretion: DISCUSSION

To our knowledge, this is the first study to clearly demonstrate that circulating FSH concentrations vary significantly over the course of a day. Furthermore, our data suggest that FSH is secreted in an episodic fashion, resulting in distinct pulses of FSH in the adult male fowl. As discussed below, it appears that FSH and LH […]

Episodic Gonadotropin Secretion: RESULTS

Testis Size Birds used in these experiments had similar body conformation as well as normal comb and male secondary sexual characteristics, and they weighed 4063 ± 160 g. In experiment 1, testis weights (n = 8) varied by as much as 4.4-fold, from an individual mean of 6.3 to 27.6 g (Table 1). In contrast, […]

Episodic Gonadotropin Secretion: MATERIALS AND METHODS

Animals All animal rearing, handling, cannulation, and euthanasia procedures were approved by the University of Arkansas Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee. One-day-old broiler breeder chicks were used in two experiments. Birds were banded, vaccinated, and reared on a 23L:1D photoperiod with ad libitum food and water intake in floor pens. At 8 wk of […]

Episodic Gonadotropin Secretion: INTRODUCTION

Proper gonadal function in birds depends on gonadotropins secreted from the pituitary gland in an appropriate manner. That LH secretion is distinctly pulsatile is generally well known, but the overall pattern and control of FSH secretion is not well understood in birds. The hypothalamus, in turn, controls the secretion of LH and, most likely, FSH […]