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Atorvastatin calcium: EFFICACY(4)

Atorvastatin calcium: EFFICACY(4)

In the lovastatin comparative study, patients were stratified by risk category for CAD, and an analysis was conducted for those patients achieving target LDL-C values within the risk groups, as established by NCEP guidelines. For patients in the low risk group (fewer than two risk factors for CAD), 6% of atorvastatin-treated patients had their dose doubled compared with 24% of similar lovastatin-treated patients, leading to 94% of patients in the atorvastatin group achieving target LDL-C levels (4.1 mmol/L or less) compared with 82% of patients in the lovastatin group.

Thirty-seven per cent of atorvastatin-treated patients in the medium risk group (two or more risk factors for CAD) had their dose doubled compared with 66% of similar lovastatin-treated patients, resulting in 72% of the atorvastatin patients reaching the target LDL-C level of 3.4 mmol/L or less, compared with 58% of lovastatin patients. For patients who had documented evidence of CAD, 80% of those in the atorvastatin treatment group had their dose doubled in contrast to 92% of similar patients in the lovastatin group. This resulted in 37% of atorvastatin-treated patients accomplishing the LDL-C goal of 2.6 mmol/L or less compared with 11% of the lovastatin patients in this risk category. You can start online shopping right now – buy antidepressants celexa for more advantages.

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