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Atorvastatin calcium: DOSAGE(1)

Atorvastatin calcium: DOSAGE(1)

The recommended dose of atorvastatin is 10 mg/day, at which most patients are expected to achieve and maintain target cholesterol levels . The dose range is 10 to 40 mg/day for most patients with primary hypercholesterolemia and combined (mixed) hyperlipidemia (Fredrickson types IIa and IIb). The maximum dose is 80 mg/day, which benefits patients with severe dyslipidemic states such as heterozygous FH, familial combined hyperlipidemia and some patients with homozygous FH. buy antibiotics online

Clinical trial results with atorvastatin have demonstrated that overall, more than 60% of patients were able to achieve and maintain target LDL-C levels (NCEP or EAS) with a dose of 10 mg/day . Data analyzed from a dose-response study in patients with mild to moderate hypercholesterolemia showed that 73% of patients achieved a goal of 3.4 mmol/L with 10 mg/day; higher doses resulted in all patients attaining this goal . In comparative studies, more atorvastatin-treated patients were able to reach LDL-C treatment goals with 10 mg/day than were patients treated with starting doses of other HMG-CoA reductase inhibitors (eg, 74% versus 55% compared with lovastatin and 65% versus 19% compared with pravastatin).

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