Hepatitis B Virus (HBV)

Atazanavir and Acid-Lowering Therapy: METHODS

A search of the following databases was conducted: EMBASE (January 1980 to June 2007), MEDLINE (January 1966 to June 2007), and PubMed (January 1949 to June 2007). The following search terms were used: “atazanavir”, “proton pump inhibitors”, “H2 antagonists”, “antacids”, and “drug interactions”. The reference lists for all retrieved articles were also manually reviewed.

Studies were included if they were retrospective or prospective and published either in full or as abstracts. Case series and case reports were also included. Studies were excluded if they were published in languages other than English. Both authors were involved in applying the criteria to the retrieved articles, and disagreements were resolved by discussion. official canadian pharmacy

Category: Drugs

Tags: acid-lowering therapy, atazanavir, proton pump inhibitors

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