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An old dog barks backward. OGDEN NASH 1902-1971: TEACHING

If medical education is a significant component of your selected career, the advice that I would impart to you is to develop your teaching skills just as you would sharpen your medical practice techniques. Identify your strengths and weaknesses, seek new and innovative teaching techniques (the centres for medical education or simulation centres are great learning venues), and insist on receiving objective feedback on all of your teaching performances. My most successful teaching sessions have been in small interactive groups, with organized teaching materials such as slides, photographs, charts and questions delivered in the form of a structured quiz. As Chairman of the Department of Pediatrics at McGill University (Montreal, Quebec), I established weekly ‘Guyda Rounds’ that involved case discussions presented to me by trainees. Together, we worked out investigative paradigms. The diagnosis was not as important as the means by which we got there. As a former clinical laboratory director, I was particularly critical of the shotgun approach to investigation and stressed the need to develop sensitivity to health care economics that we all bear the burden for. I had the good fortune to join the Pediatric Endocrinology group at the Montreal Children’s Hospital, when Eleanor Colle (EC) was the Director. She epitomized someone who had her life balance issues well controlled. EC knitted and crocheted her way through our academic conferences as she raised four children, but she could quote a page number from any current journal article pertinent to any discussion. EC ingrained in me that a quiet, thoughtful and reasoned approach to any dilemma – clinical, academic or personal -wins out every time. Over time, I learned to appreciate that immediate angry reactions are never productive – far better to put that critically written letter aside in a drawer for a few days and then reread it before sending a markedly toned down version. Having someone who is removed from the situation read your difficult correspondence, before you send it, fosters true humility. Most advantageous shopping – purchase antibiotics online -> the best choice for everyone to spend less.


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