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Acrosome Biogenesis in the Hamster: DISCUSSION(1)

The outer acrosomal membrane of hamster spermatozoa adheres to a stable acrosomal matrix assembly composed of two contiguous but structurally distinct elements . This matrix complex binds proacrosin and N-ace-tylglucosaminidase , and possibly other hydrolases, and it remains intact and associated with the hybrid membrane complex after the acrosome reaction . In the present study, we addressed the composition and assembly of these structurally distinct, outer acrosomal membrane-associated matrix elements. buy ortho tri-cyclen

Using both biochemical and immunological approaches, we demonstrated that the major polypeptides of the ALM complex, AM22 and AM29, are structurally related proteins and are processed from a round spermatid precursor protein of 40 kDa. Internal sequence data demonstrated a homology of AM22 and AM29 to mouse sperm acrosomal proteins mSPIO , which were originally termed the HS-63 antigens . SPlO-related acrosomal proteins are present in several species including the human, baboon, fox, mouse, and bovine, but their function has not been resolved.

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