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A Case of Paederus Dermatitis

Paederus dermatitis


Paederus dermatitis is an irritant contact derma­titis characterized by a linear lesion with vesicles, bullae and pustules on an erythematous base. It is caused by insects which belong to the genus Paederus of the Staphyhnidae family. These insects are widely distributed all over the world in damp, moist areas. They also increase in large numbers after heavy rain and hot weather. Therefore, Paederus dermatitis is usually seen in regions with a hot, tropical climate. There have been a few reports of Paederus dermatitis caused by Paederus fuscipes in Korea since 1968. Herein, we report a case of Paederus dermatitis due to a different species of Paederus fuscipes which broke out on a traveler who had visited Kenya, a tropical country.
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