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A Case of Paederus Dermatitis: CASE REPORT

A 33-year-old Korean man who had been in Kenya on missionary work was presented with a linear, brownish hyperpigmentation with background hypopigmentation on his left cheek and left hand (Fig. 1). He woke up a month ago to discover erythematous, pinhead-sized blisters in a linear pattern on his left cheek (Fig. 2) and left hand, accompanied by a stinging and burning sensation. The local clinician diagnosed it as Paederus derma­titis caused by ” Le Nairobi fly. He told us that the local population called this clinical picture ” Lght burn” and ” ic Nairobi fly” indicating Paederus sabaeus or Paederus crebrepunctatus. This is commo­nly seen in Kenya, and the insect causes Paederus dermatitis simply by only brushing against the skin or being crushed onto it, usually while the victims are asleep.

fig1. a linear

Fig. 1. (A) Linear postinflammatory hyperpigmenta- tion on the left cheek. (B) ” issing lesion” )f Paede­rus dermatitis on the dorsum of the left hand.

The doctor prescribed topical corticos­teroids, which brought dramatic relief within a week. The patient visited our dermatology department to treat the hyperpigmentation, the sequela of ” le Nairobi fly.” online canadian pharmacy

fig2. linear

Fig. 2. Linear erosive erythematous patch with vesicles on the left cheek.

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